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Anne Tezon has spent decades writing people’s stories–first as a newspaper editor and publisher and lately as a memoir book publisher. She has developed a method to help people record their personal histories that should not overwhelm them or terrify them. With the help of Cheri Battrick, a joint venture partner, they gently remind us that family and loved ones hope we leave a record of our personal chapters as treasured memories and a guide for their own lives.

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Have you documented your Personal History?

Personal history can be the glue that ties families together for generations. Your life stories can provide inspiration and guidance for decades.  But how will your family and friends have a record of your personal history unless you compile your stories? Will your children and grandchildren know what life was like when you were growing up? Will they know how you overcame obstacles and became successful?

If something happened to you tomorrow and you didn’t have time to say your good-byes to friends and family, would there be a record of your personal history left behind? A record that could provide comfort and keep your memory alive in their hearts?

Well, now you don’t have to wait until it’s too late. We’ve made it so easy to record your life stories with our Memoir Making Kit. And we’re making it available to you at affordable prices, and in a format that will fit your unique needs.  You might want to get started by ordering our Memoir in a Binder by clicking on this link:

The important thing to know before you get started? You don’t have to be a writer to record your personal history. Just answer some questions that we provide in our kits.

We are here to help you every step of the way, even if all you want to accomplish is to write your own obituary in advance so that task won’t be left to a family member. Or, if you want to leave a more complete legacy in the form of a published book of your life, we can help with that too.

And to give you some ideas about the kinds of stories that our friends and clients are compiling, check out our blog. It features some wonderful life stories that could spur you to record your own memories.


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