What stories to uncover?


What stories will you uncover and leave as your legacy?

Are you ready to go on a voyage of self-discovery? That’s what will happen as you begin to examine your life and uncover your personal history. Through the stories of your life you will begin to marvel at how you survived many struggles and overcame so many obstacles. Through uncovering your stories you will be able to leave a rich life legacy to guide future generations.

What stories will be good to recall? Well, will anyone know the details about the time you served a mission overseas? How about your military service? What about the funniest story of your wedding day? The day each of your children were born? Will anyone know what you sacrificed to provide a good living for your family? Will they know the spiritual and ethical principles that guided you every day of your life?

We believe that every person’s life had endless value for guiding others. Through our struggles and triumphs we can teach our children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews and friends. We believe in this so strongly, we started on a mission to foster personal history storytelling.

It started with a dream

Part of the motivation for this personal history business was a dream. Seriously. It was a dream about a lady who had a relative coming over to visit and go through her family photos. The visitor was developing dementia and the photo owner feared something would happen to those pictures. They represented a lifetime of precious memories.

The dreamer awoke with a fully formed plan aimed at helping people easily compile and preserve their personal histories. That’s what this website and Personal Chapters is all about.

The birth of this mission occurred after months of shopping, creativity, lots of writing and plenty of serendipity. The result is a new system that makes it easy to record your personal and family stories.

Granted, this birth happened only after years of journaling, writing stories and publishing books. We began looking for the best way to record and write personal histories. Nothing we saw really fit our needs for flexibility and practicality. Nothing we bought or tried was easy or fun.

We ended up developing our own system. We call it The Memoir Making Kit.

An organization system for your memories

The Memoir Making Kit collects and organizes your memories, as well as your physical gifts and precious objects. And it’s as easy as peeling off a question label, affixing it to the top of a ruled sheet of paper and writing the answer to the question. The answers are then put in an attractive looseleaf binder, stored under your bed or on a shelf in your office or closet. It can even be stored in a special treasure box designed to hold your notebook and other precious objects. That box could hold your will and estate planning papers. All the items you can point to as representing you and your life are in one place.

It could even result in your published memoir

Of course, the process of recording and collecting your personal history does not have to end there. You can have the questions you answered made into a book, with just enough copies printed to give to your family members and friends, all of whom would love to get to know you even better than they do now.